Policing & Community Safety Partnership

Derry & Strabane PCSP, supported by NIPB and DOJ, aims to make communities safer and give local people a voice on policing & community safety issues.
PCSPs aim to make our community safer by focusing on the policing and community safety issues that matter most in each local council area.

In making communities safer, PCSPs will:
Consult and engage with the local community on the issues of concern in relation to policing and community safety. The Policing Committee has a responsibility to provide views to the relevant District Commander and the Policing Board on policing matters.
Identify and prioritise the particular issues of concern and prepare plans for how these can be tackled.
Monitor – A Policing Committee comprising the local political and independent members will monitor the performance of the police and work to gain the co-operation of the public with the police in preventing crime.
Deliver a reduction in crime and enhance community safety in their district, directly through their own actions, through the work of their delivery groups or through support for the work of others.

Window Alarms

Window alarms are an important aspect of home security. Combined with other systems or security measures, window alarm systems are an excellent theft deterrent and offer extra peace of mind for property owners.

Security Lights

Security lighting is often used as a preventive and corrective measure against intrusions or other criminal activity on a physical piece of property. Security lighting may be provided to aid in the detection of intruders, to deter intruders, or in some cases simply to increase the feeling of safety. Lighting is integral to crime prevention through environmental design.

Oil Tank Locks

With a rise in the cost of oil on the way, it is more important than ever to be mindful of security solutions that can help to protect your supply from theft. Taking preventative measures doesn’t have to be difficult and will ensure that you are not an easy victim.

Door Stop Alarm

A Door Wedge or Door Stop Alarm is a tough, loud intruder alarm that is an ideal way to prevent sneak-in burglaries at your home.When armed, this portable, robust door stopper sounds a loud 120 dB alarm if the door is pushed. When it’s not armed, the Door Wedge Alarm can also be used as a normal door stop.